Bundl is revolutionizing the way lobbying firms and political committees do business. This beautifully-designed contribution web application makes tracking you and your clients' political contributions easy. With a powerful dashboard that shows real-time information, you will constantly be able to track political giving. Bundl will even alert you if there is an attempt to request or input a contribution that would put you over the maximum campaign finance limit. Whether you are using it from a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or anything in between, Bundl puts you in the best position to be an even better steward of your client or donor money. 

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Quick facts:

  • Bundl is designed for lobbying firms and political committees that distribute and/or accept political contributions.
  • The new Contribution Planning Tool helps track your fundraising goals to ensure you deliver every dollar - on budget and on time! Save Groups of legislators and committees to know exactly where contributions are going.
  • Smart Tags allow you to tag, track, and sort your Contributions and Contributors.
  • Store copies of W-9s in Bundl for quick and easy reference
  • Bundl is designed to make your life easier - no more forwarded spreadsheets or difficult-to-keep-up-with lists.
  • Bundl is responsive, and designed to work beautifully on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Bundl alerts you when you attempt to add a budget or input a contribution that would put you or your client over the maximum contribution limit.
  • Your Bundl Dashboard is your home for quick information and the latest stats on your contributions.

Bundl Demo for your viewing pleasure!


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